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Movies ideas

hey to Myself

Wednesday will be the official – hey you guys write something and i will comment

of course I need people to read these blogs first

well – That’s its for all Wednesdays going forward

As for Movies

I suggest a remake of the Street Hawk

For those hot of 80’s and early 90’s Street Hawk was a show about a cop on a high tech motorcycle

Think of Knight Rider except on two wheels

It could work

They already remade Knight Rider the TV Show – That suck major

Lady Gaga what now

So lets begin

Lada Gaga wants to make a new perfume name Bloody

Which has a Blood and semen scent

And she wants to used her own blood as part of the perfume

Now i know a lot of people think Lady Gaga is crazy to come up with this idea.

But I will bet anybody a billions dollars that people out there will want to buy this Crazy perfume

So the real question should be

Is Lady Gaga crazy to make this perfume or is society crazy to buy it?

Holla at the BBG

Till next time

Weclome to the words of the BBG

To all who will read my comments in the future I say thank you

And please comment on me as well

So I would like to comment on the Movie the Mechanic

I love the novie

Jason Rocks

Nothing after the credits

Lots of action

The ending was different and pure.

I give the BBG approval

Thats its for now – More BBG comments in the future

Stay funky and eat pancakes