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The Carlton Dance – why

Ok to my billions and billions of followers

I saw a video for the carlton dance on you tube

Yes my people Carlton Banks from the fresh prince of Bel Air

Question A Why make a video on a show that is no longer on the air?

Question B Where was Aflonzo who played Carlton?

How can you have the Carlton Dance with no Carlton – I’m just saying


Chime in people



A very Hot Day

Ok my trillions of followers – only in my Head



Would you rather be house arrest for 5 years in a studio apartment or eat  jello for 2 years straight?

Is this a strange question – Hell yes


Random Thought

Ok my millions of listeners inside in my head

Here is the quick thought of the Day

Would you really want to survive a Zombie breakout or be a zombie and eventually get shot in the head





Two for Wednesday

Ok to my millions of viewers – yes i’m smoking and high

You get two views for making up for yesterday non post


So the comment of Day is – Weed

Run with it people


PS next comment will be in a couple hours – Holla Back


Pure Flight

Ok my late night comment of the Day

Would you either leave everybody you love behind to travel Space or stay and work in your current job

Maybe you can your family but no friends

Hey its me being crazy



Happy Sunday thought of the Day

To my Wonderful audience

Hope you guys had a good weekend

The comment of the Day


Second Chance

Ok So If you had a chance to go back in time – What would you change and would it be for you or to help the world?


I’m not sure what I would do.

I will have to think about this one


Holla back people


Happy friday the 14th

Hello Every Body and Welcome to another short moment of the BBG

So My thought of the day is Chicken Waffles

Now I love waffles and pancakes

Fried or barbecue chicken is cool

But chicken and waffles I don’t so

Maybe Chicken patties or chicken burgers and waffles

Or Turkey burgers and Waffles

But greasy fried Chicken with waffles and butter and syrup – I dont think so

But hey what do I know – Tell me what you think

The color in the eyes


Here is my thought of the day

Would there be any racism in the world if we where all one color

What do u think?

Anything Goes

Hey everybody

I’m back

Going forward I will do my best to comment on  something everyday

Today I love LMFAO cool Music



Calling out to all artist – I need help will explain in the coming days