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Movies ideas

hey to Myself

Wednesday will be the official – hey you guys write something and i will comment

of course I need people to read these blogs first

well – That’s its for all Wednesdays going forward

As for Movies

I suggest a remake of the Street Hawk

For those hot of 80’s and early 90’s Street Hawk was a show about a cop on a high tech motorcycle

Think of Knight Rider except on two wheels

It could work

They already remade Knight Rider the TV Show – That suck major

Weclome to the words of the BBG

To all who will read my comments in the future I say thank you

And please comment on me as well

So I would like to comment on the Movie the Mechanic

I love the novie

Jason Rocks

Nothing after the credits

Lots of action

The ending was different and pure.

I give the BBG approval

Thats its for now – More BBG comments in the future

Stay funky and eat pancakes