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A review of The Hike, by Drew Magary

by on Jun.09, 2017, under Reviews

I have been on a solid kick this last year, looking for my favorite reads. So far, Ready Player One takes the prize for one of the best books I have ever read. Also in my list, you’ll find books like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (of course) and other fun sci-fi/fantasy books. I have a very strong (continue reading…)

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Kwikset upgraded their z-wave smart locks I spoke about

by on Jan.15, 2015, under General, Reviews

kwiksetzwaveIt appears that Kwikset has came out with a new version of the locks I spoke about when I detailed on how to “Build Your Own Affordable Home Automation System Using Z-Wave“. The new locks offer a touchscreen with a host of security features. I am sure they also probably come with a quieter locking mechanism as well as better battery life, but that’s my own assumption.

The older version of the lock lasts a pretty long time on a single set of batteries. I don’t have anything to complain about there. The mechanism is a little loud, but that’s also good when it comes to creating a scene to lock itself. When you hear it lock, you know someone forgot to lock the door behind them…allowing you to effectively throw something at them as punishment.

My Z-wave network is still strong and current with all sorts of fun stuff attached to it. I wouldn’t mind upgrading the controller, but last year pooped me out a little as well as a fun X-Mas and starting January with (continue reading…)

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(Review) Cookie Dough flavored Oreo Cookies

by on Sep.01, 2014, under Reviews


Ok, so Nabisco has been on a crazy kick this year releasing custom flavored Oreo cookies and here they go again. This time with a cookie dough creme on the inside.

This review will be short and to the point. In fact, here is the conclusion: YUM! You need to snag some of these! Done!

Now I have to figure out how I left the house to get some fruit for healthy eatin…and instead left with this…..

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Buying a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Drone

by on Jul.07, 2014, under General, Reviews


I am purchasing a Phantom 2 Vision+ Drone and will be hanging with the guys at Poc Network Tech Blog who will be doing a full review on it which I will share below once it happens.

This bad boy is ready to fly right out of the box and I look forward to sharing what it can do. Int he meantime, I’ll explain exactly what I am getting now so you get a head start at 1) knowing exactly what’s involved and 2) tagging along if you have the itch to get one yourself! The Phantom comes ready to fly and record (as long as you get a MicroSD card), with and extra battery (if you get the below one) and live video feed (iPhone or Android devices). Wait for the review or grab one now, the following four items is what I will be getting:


That’s it! I’ll share the review when it happens. I think they are waiting on additional intel from DJI before they make their move.


The review has been published by them and can be found here! Looks like it got an 8/10. They also covered my costs due to some “crashing” that took place during their tests lol.

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Some Interesting Halo Themed Clothes and Collectibles!

by on May.06, 2014, under Reviews

halochief Halo is one of the most breath taking games to have ever hit the Xbox gaming consoles. It is one of the top selling series of all times and is generally something you will find most of your “friends” playing when a new one hits the market.

Now I get to sound like a paid programming ad as I whore out something worth sharing. If you are a fan, you may have thought to yourself…you know…it would be nice to show my Halo pride by wearing a unique Halo T-Shirt that no one else caries, or to drink coffee out of a limited edition mug at work. Why not do it!

The following website has a number of Halo themed T-Shirts, mugs, pillows and more. They even have Valentine-themed products, for your special someone. Here are a few examples:

They even have clothing, glassware and collectibles from other themes such as Pokemon, Adventure Time, Pac-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Jack (continue reading…)

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Top Ten Anime Series of 2013

by on Jan.01, 2014, under Reviews


The end of 2013 has come and like everywhere else, I think it is time to look back on the year to see what the top something of something is and today felt like a top ten anime series kind of day! I couldn’t just base this on my own opinion since…well…I’ve been a little behind in watching so there are a LOT of new series I need to set my eyes on. So I took my own opinions and then went around and collected data from many different polls and discussions around the web to bring you a valid top ten list based on not just my own opinion but the opinions of the many!

10 – Arpeggio of Blue Steel
(Aoki Hagane no Arupejio)

Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Kind of like an animated take of Battlestar (continue reading…)

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Vizio 80-inch 3D Smart LED TV Equals Awesome

by on Dec.05, 2013, under Reviews

This year Vizio launched an affordable 80 inch TV which it would be disrespectful to refer to as anything less than amazing. EIGHTY INCHES of screen packed with all of the features everyone is looking for. 3D support, 240Hz, smart apps and internet….EIGHTY INCHES!!

Now, this would mean nothing if the image quality was meh, but it’s not. The quality is superb and I hope to own one myself as soon as possible. Brightness is very customizable, image is sharp and clear (ESPECIALLY if you are watching a blu-ray), motion is smooth with zero drag and Avengers is worth watching over and over on it because it feels like it’s filmed live on the news or you are right there.

Best of all is that you can buy the TV for less than $4k. With how big it is and all the features it supports, you would think that it wouldn’t come anywhere near that price but they did…oh they did.

Move on over projectors as Vizio has just taken away your business! …unless of course you want an even bigger screen………then you may want a projector

I just thought this was worth bragging about as the TV is super big and super cool and I am sure they are selling off the shelves, especially now that Christmas is here.

It’s fracking HUGE!

You can find additional info, specs and what not here!

If you are nice, you could buy me one 🙂



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Newsgroups Provider Newshosting Upgrades Their Retention to 1750 Days (and growing)

by on Jul.09, 2013, under Reviews

newsgroups6451561156I am always writing my many reviews for various services around the internet, and this one never gets old. I have mentioned them (Newshosting) many times in the past (including one of the most popular posts on this website: “How to use Newsgroups for Downloading Anime (for Beginners)“) as being one of the very BEST newsgroup services to use (without a doubt). They are the fastest, they are the most reliable, most affordable (especially for what you get) and of course they have one of the highest retention windows in the market (now towering in at 1750 days and growing!).

That means it retains post records for 1750+ days compared to the competition which still on average offers about a year…maybe two. So if you run across a post that you just really have to read or download, and it was posted over 4 years ago…it can still be yours. No more of having to set a year limit in your newsgroup reader for searching for posts. Newshosting has offered far more retention for a number of years now and it just keeps growing. Who knows what it will be by next year. Newhosting’s resources are massive and they don’t shed a single tear at sharing it with you.

So if you enjoy newsgroups, and enjoy not having a limitation to what you can find…and say…you want all the anime your heart could ever desire (or pictures, news, art, open source applications and whatever other media exists out there)…choose Newshosting. I myself have been using them for years and you won’t find me with anyone else! A big thanks to them! Keep it up!

…I got a little hyper in my thoughts there out of excitement but well worth it as I already have a post for the day 😀

NH *Specials 300×250 A

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Hisense Sero 7 Lite and Pro – Better Than The Google Nexus 7 Tablet

by on Jun.05, 2013, under Reviews

So I have been keeping my eyes open for both friends, family and myself…to find the great options for tablets. Some looking for power, some look for cost and like me, some look for both. Last year’s Google Nexus tablet was pretty nice outside of the fact that it was missing certain features…certain *important* features that in my eyes makes or breaks a tablet.

The biggest of these features was an SD card slot. How could they make such a great tablet but not include an SD card slot?? So naturally I never bought one.  It’s missing some other features like a rear-facing camera and decent speakers, but an SD card slot is a deal breaker for me. I *almost* bought one for my house last year until I read that.

Now! Enter the “Hisense Sero 7 LT ($99!!!) and the Hisense Sero 7 Pro ($149)! These capture everything the Nexus has but also has a camera on both sides (Update: the Pro has both cams, but not the Lite/LT) so you can both take pictures and do video conversations, it has HDMI out so you can connect it to a TV, AND…it has an SD card slot…AND….it costs less.

Sadly it doesn’t have much space on-board as I would like but it definitely makes up for it with the addition of the SD card slot so you can expand your space.

So for those on a budget yet still looking for a killer tablet…you’d be nuts not to give this a try. At the price, you might as well snag one even if you have another tablet already floating around the house.

Now let’s hope when Google launches a new Nexus tablet that they make the right move this time.


Here are the links again for the two tablets:

$99 – Hisense Sero 7 LT (Dual Core, base features)

$149 – Hisense Sero 7 Pro (Quad Core, base features +NFC, Bluetooth, larger battery, more space, higher res screen, cams on both sides)

Obviously the Pro is the way to go but if you just need something simple and don’t need the extra options…and want it to be dirt cheap, then the Lite/LT is for you!

As always, every time I see something amazing, I try to share the intel and I will never (hopefully) lead your wrong! I try never to review something I don’t feel *strongly* about! 😀



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Greatest Tool for Assembling Video Projection Screens for Stagehands and AV Techs

by on Jun.03, 2013, under Reviews

A lot of stagehands and AV techs stroll through the day assembling large projection screens that contain these snaps that aren’t always the easiest on the thumbs and fingers to manage when it comes to stretching the screen out to it’s destination. Pulling and tugging, while trying to snap these things down over and over and over. By the end of things your hands and fingers are sore and numb.

Basically this tool eliminates it by giving you leverage. It gives you something to grab the screen with so you can easily pull to stretch it and just snap it into place without damaging the screen or it’s snaps (or your fingers). It can also be used to open the snaps that may be stuck (unusual but an example none-the-less). One of the greatest things I have ever seen in a category of work….that doesn’t have any tools to help you out.

The tool was actually created for boat covers that use the same concept and same size/type snaps. It helps boat owners stretch their boat cover easily and into place to snap it on. Thanks to the fact that the snaps are the same it becomes a hybrid tool 🙂

Click here for more intel!



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