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Simple Syndication version 1.2.6 and phpBB 3.1.x support (download)

by on Aug.09, 2015, under General


To start off, the link is available below–I took over this project from wouterv simply to upgrade it to work with phpBB 3.1.x since it had lost functionality due to troubles such as deprecated php. I insisted on getting it to work and there was no reason it couldn’t be shared with the rest of the world as it is such a useful mod for phpBB. Although I’ll keep an eye on the Discussion/Support screen when possible, I don’t plan on maintaining it past that unless it loses functionality again. It already has all of the features you would expect to find in it (outside of getting crazy with things).

If you would like to take the project over, message me on phpBB’s forums and we can discuss it. I am sure people would like (continue reading…)

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Somebody buy me this TV! (please)

by on Jul.18, 2015, under General


There I go again, not posting something for….forever. I seem to have lost my muse a little for this site. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going anywhere. It’s just, at the moment, I don’t plan on saying much until…I get the muse back….or bug….or urge….or grammatical twitch…..etc.

In the meantime, somebody buy me this TV! It looks amazing. It’s huge, it sounds like it has quite the image and would fit so very….very well, on my bathroom wall, right above toilet. Or maybe the master bedroom……..or the great room, whatever….:P

Very “grammatical”…right? All these periods I always speak with. As well as (continue reading…)

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Newsgroup/Usenet company with the highest retention and lowest price

by on Apr.28, 2015, under General


There are many companies out there for your anime usenet downloading needs (or…whatever else it is that you like to download). I have used many over the years, both here in the US and areas around Europe. Of all of them, the one I like most (and always brag about) is Newshosting. There are many things you have to look for like retention (the amount of days their servers can go back to find a post/file), the speeds they support and how much do you have to pay?

Newshosting no only has one of the fastest backbones (meaning your only speed limitation is your own connection), but they currently have a retention of over (continue reading…)

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No excuse for the slow downloads on Xbox Live

by on Apr.23, 2015, under Games


So we have a scenario here! I have an Xbox 360, hard wired to a gigabit network running through a house, riding on a cable connection of 120+mbps (varies usually between 120 and 130). Everything else connected makes use of the full connection. The Xbox 360 takes about 1 minute+, to download 16.89KB? A file so small, it shouldn’t even be a thought (and barely a memory for the console). Yet here we are in 2015, downloading at speeds that AOL in 1999 would have laughed at. What the heck is going on Microsoft?????

I understand that networks can be stressed down, but when you have millions of fans not only paying you for the console and games but yearly on top of that just to be able to use it…you have no excuse for cutting back. Especially that badly. Microsoft needs to step up their game!

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Mumford & Sons – Live On Letterman (Watch the full hour-long show)

by on Mar.25, 2015, under Youtube Videos


I haven’t posted much lately yet (again). Been far too busy with work and climbing the ladder of life. Haven’t given much anything else a thought other than getting outdoors for hikes and exploration to clear the mind in between, and spending time with friends and family.

I figured I would share this. I came across it by chance and when clicking on play, I planned to only watch the first few minutes, but wound up watching the entire thing. Mumford and Sons is a great band filled with talent and solid mixing (they put out some great albums, always ready to take on the audiophile world of things).

Below is the entire video (continue reading…)

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Pebble CEO choses NOT to team with Microsoft due to personal bias

by on Feb.26, 2015, under General


So Pebble reaches out to Microsoft with a partnership in mind, to favor Windows devices with their smart watches. They challenged Microsoft to develop a prototype app that proves the phone could support the watch. If so, they may be interested in partnering with them–including the option of highlighting the watches at Microsoft stores and offering them as part of bundles with Windows Phone devices.

Originally, the relationship between such devices and Windows devices was limited due to the fact that Microsoft hasn’t allowed access to certain APIs/features within the OS. This limited access prevents a company like Pebble from fully developing an app. However, if Microsoft helps, then all of those problems are history.

Microsoft not only agreed to play ball, but they (continue reading…)

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The Spinning Cow – Las Vegas Mobsquad’s latest in their Cow Series

by on Feb.17, 2015, under Youtube Videos


The Las Vegas Mobsquad is back again with another Cow Series video, this time “The Spinning Cow” has taken to the screen with up to an hour worth of………….spinning…..cow.

Hey! Judge for yourself! Share below in the comments. The video is here: (continue reading…)

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Facts About Humans That Are True for 2015

by on Jan.19, 2015, under General


  • 9 out of 10 people can’t drive.
  • 9 out of 10 people don’t use their blinkers (*9 out of 10 of those people are from California).
  • 9 out of 10 people think two cars can occupy the same physical space at the same time, despite what Physics has taught us many times over the years.
  • 9 out of 10 people pretend they didn’t notice and act as though they weren’t going to attempt to occupy such physical space once they noticed their error.
  • 9 out of 10 people insist that the world will end unless their car is in front of yours (even if there isn’t a car behind you for miles, leaving more than enough space).
  • 9 out of 10 people don’t know how to (continue reading…)
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So I watched Tusk (Kevin Smith’s new movie) and…

by on Jan.15, 2015, under Movies/TV

tusk-dvd-cover-93Wow. All I can say is wow…in the most awkward of ways. Kind of when I watched “Pi” for the first (and only time) and fell asleep half way through it without any regret. Or made the mistake of watching Chris Angel’s “Believe” show in Vegas when it first opened…for free (comped tickets), and yet still badly in need of a refund. I cannot remove the sour images in my mind that is the movie Tusk. Sour as in the many thoughts racing within, focused on the fact that I just wasted that movie-length portion of my life for nothing. A blind faith, created by the smoke screen of awesome movies that Kevin Smith has created in the past; skewed my judgement, causing me to believe that although the trailer made this movie seem like it could most likely be horrible….maybe it wasn’t. I sat there with one member of my prestigious family who joined my movie endeavors, in shock, as the credits made their way across the screen. Slithering through the cesspool of a creation while music plays in the background until Kevin’s Smodcast is played in the background, highlighting the moment from when the movie was first conceived within his (continue reading…)

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Kwikset upgraded their z-wave smart locks I spoke about

by on Jan.15, 2015, under General, Reviews

kwiksetzwaveIt appears that Kwikset has came out with a new version of the locks I spoke about when I detailed on how to “Build Your Own Affordable Home Automation System Using Z-Wave“. The new locks offer a touchscreen with a host of security features. I am sure they also probably come with a quieter locking mechanism as well as better battery life, but that’s my own assumption.

The older version of the lock lasts a pretty long time on a single set of batteries. I don’t have anything to complain about there. The mechanism is a little loud, but that’s also good when it comes to creating a scene to lock itself. When you hear it lock, you know someone forgot to lock the door behind them…allowing you to effectively throw something at them as punishment.

My Z-wave network is still strong and current with all sorts of fun stuff attached to it. I wouldn’t mind upgrading the controller, but last year pooped me out a little as well as a fun X-Mas and starting January with (continue reading…)

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