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A review of The Hike, by Drew Magary

by on Jun.09, 2017, under Reviews

I have been on a solid kick this last year, looking for my favorite reads. So far, Ready Player One takes the prize for one of the best books I have ever read. Also in my list, you’ll find books like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (of course) and other fun sci-fi/fantasy books. I have a very strongpickiness when it comes to what I will read and will I even brag about it at all, once I have finished. Because of this, it allows me to truly appreciate my time with the books I do decide to pick up (and brag about).

The Hike by Drew Magary, happens to be one of them. A book that you might find yourself flying through, not only because it is an easy read, but because it is fun. Reserved for mature readers (no kids, as there is a lot of language and references to sex and nudity), this book traverses the realm of fantasy fiction and comedy. It’s an easy read because the pages seem to just flow, and they aren’t filled edge to edge with a heavy volume of text.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Magary at a convention last year, where I was first introduced to the book. Since then, I was sent out a copy to read and share with you (the reader) how I felt about it. Mr. Magary is a colorful person and you can see this in his text all the same.

The story surrounds a businessman by the name of Ben, who is traveling for work. Upon checking in at his remote hotel, he decides to go for a short hike out back, to pass the time with. In search of a path, he finds more than he bargained for. The path he finds seems to to exist within a whole new reality, where anything is apparently possible, and traveling away from the path can be a deadly act to make.

Along this path, Ben makes new friends, comes across all sorts of challenges, and is even given a small collection of magic seeds (and although there is no beanstalk related, you won’t be let down) that may very well save his life.

Is it an alternate universe? Did he fall without knowing it, and is now dreaming all of this? A punishment from God, for something he has done? Getting to the end of the path and finding an individual by the name of “The Producer,” is the only way to find out for sure. Apparently, The Producer is the creator of this new world he is in, and might be able to help Ben get back home to his family.

Along the way, he finds a friend in the oddest of beings, and Mr. Magary gives a great introduction of this said character. Their accent plays perfectly around your head as you are reading it, resulting in quite the laugh. I shared this 2-page section with a friend, who shared the same response. I actually found myself letting out short bursts of laughter out loud as I got through parts of the book (this one being the first).

At every turn, there is something completely different, challenging Ben in various ways. Never limiting itself to any single section of fantasy fiction. It kind of feels like a modern Alice in Wonderland (only much easier to read).

This is a fantastic book, worth reading if you find yourself attracted to above mentioned genres. You will also most likely find yourself blowing right through it, as I did. It isn’t Ready Player One (nothing is that I have found just yet), but it easily finds its way onto the same list. I will definitely be keeping an eye on Drew’s future works.

You can find The Hike by Drew Magary on Amazon as well as most of your favorite book stores.


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