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Trailer for live action Fullmetal Alchemist movie released

by on Nov.17, 2016, under Movies/TV

It looks like Fullmetal Alchemist is making its way to the big screen with a live action movie, set to release in 2o17. So far the trailer doesn’t give much away but you can already see it taking shape. The costumes look a little cosplay more than anything but that may not stop it from being a great movie unless the acting is shotty.

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Ghost in the Shell hits the big screen next with a new installment

by on Oct.27, 2015, under Movies/TV, Youtube Videos


I actually missed this one. It will be shown next month (explained below) here in the US but it actually came out in Japan earlier this summer (June)–and it never crossed my eyes. GitS (Ghost in the Shell) is a fun collection of both series and movies, generally with a deep storyline as well as a fun score (OST/soundtrack). In my opinion, the original movie is in my top 5 list of classic Japanese animation (anime) films that no anime fan should ever miss.

It’s hard to believe a new one came out without my knowing of (continue reading…)

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Top Ten Anime Series of 2013

by on Jan.01, 2014, under Reviews


The end of 2013 has come and like everywhere else, I think it is time to look back on the year to see what the top something of something is and today felt like a top ten anime series kind of day! I couldn’t just base this on my own opinion since…well…I’ve been a little behind in watching so there are a LOT of new series I need to set my eyes on. So I took my own opinions and then went around and collected data from many different polls and discussions around the web to bring you a valid top ten list based on not just my own opinion but the opinions of the many!

10 – Arpeggio of Blue Steel
(Aoki Hagane no Arupejio)

Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Kind of like an animated take of Battlestar (continue reading…)

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Trigun DVD Box Set On Sale For Only $24.00

by on Dec.30, 2013, under General

Trigun DVD Boxset

The DVD box set for the entire Trigun series has gone on sale for the price of ONE DVD movie! That’s $24.00! In some cases that is less than a DVD movie (depends on where buy your movies I guess. I figured this was worth mentioned since I paid around $50 for this set a few years ago. Normally it runs around $40-60.

Is it worth it? Absolutely, it is a great series. You can see our review here in the forums.

So if you are looking to up the anty on your anime DVD collection, this is an affordable way of getting a head start!

Find it here on sale (Amazon)

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Anime Wallpapers for iPhone and iPod

by on Jun.13, 2013, under General

We have finally added a collection of iPhone wallpapers (for both iPhone and iPod) to the main animevortex gallery and have posted them here as well. I will make a separate post for the non-anime collection.

Also available in the main AV gallery here.
(continue reading…)

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Newsgroup Special – Win a Year of Free Service

by on Dec.14, 2012, under Reviews

Previously I wrote an article about how to effectively download just about any and all anime, to your hearts desire. In that article I spoke about Newshosting as well as a few other services that you can use to access the newsgroups with (with the greatest speeds and reliability).

I wanted to highlight them over the others at the moment since Newshosting is running a contest where you can win a year of free hosting. Just click on the yellow banner near the top and give it a try!


Good luck!

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Anime Wallpapers for Windows Phone 8 (WP8)

by on Sep.09, 2011, under General

We have decided to release the collection of non-transparent anime wallpapers for WP8 (Windows Phone 8) phones in a gallery of it’s own, as well as a download link for a zip of the entire collection. You can browse the wallpapers in the gallery below or click on the following link to download the entire collection (zip) at once. Enjoy! (continue reading…)

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How to download anything (like anime) using Newsgroups/Usenet (tutorial for beginners)

by on Feb.26, 2011, under Animevortex, General, Tutorials


Author: TheSa|nt from and Grauw from abma (

Even if just a $1, If you find my tutorial helpful, please:

Being an anime-related domain, this site (naturally) gets a LOT of requests on how to find/download fansubs via newsgroups. Also, anime will be the key example in this tutorial due to the legality of other topics. You can replace “anime” in this tutorial with whatever you like (movies, music, etc), but that is your own preference and decision.

Recently I posted on a very quick-tutorial on how to use easynews for newsgroups. However, there are other ways to more thoroughly explore newsgroups via desktop-based applications. A long time ago, Grauw developed a wonderful tutorial on how to do this, but through time a lot of it become outdated. So I have gone through and created a new version of the tutorial to better cover today’s practices, features and additional facts. This will act as the advanced guide on how to dive into the deep end and get crazy with it!

Even though I tried to summarize this as much as possible, the tutorial is still a bit lengthy and might be intimidating when looking at it but trust me when I say “it’s easy!”. It just has to be put into enough words to help even those who have been living under a rock 😉 — Now after reading this, if you are still missing anything, it should be easy to pick it up on your own through messing around. If I went over every possible detail on the usage of newsgroups, this tutorial would literally go on forever.

(continue reading…)

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Comic Con 2011, Then/Now and Their Horrible Registration Approach

by on Feb.05, 2011, under General, Movies/TV

“It’s no longer about the fans, it’s only about the money”

4 years+ ago you could hesitate for months before getting you tickets to comic-con (and a 4-day at that). Getting there was easy, attending was very little stress and you could get into just about any panel you needed to.

Now? Within the last few years the convention has become horrible. The tickets sell out fast, the location of the convention is way over a comfortable/reasonable capacity, price went through the roof, there is no room to breath or move and most of the panels are pretty much impossible to get into unless you come 3+ panels early into a room and sit there the rest of the day (and some people do this which is why its impossible to see anything). Don’t get me started on the badge pickup line….WOW was that a hike in 2009 winding all over and then around the building down to the back hitting the docks and following them all the way down through to the hotel. I could just imagine what it was like last year or will be like this year. Then if you want to attend any “good” panel, you have to jump right back into a line just as long almost (Hall H…).

For 2011, the registration has been a nightmare since EVERYONE knows registration is going to be a problem, so EVERYONE jumps on all at once to get their tickets. I have seen this happen for concerts and small local events that are considered “limited time only”…but one of the west coast’s largest conventions….server crashes, failed registration dates, and now that the tickets have finally gone on sale via their final attempt…..sold out in ONE DAY.

An entire convention (of that size), sold out in one day. That’s pretty amazing….however, what’s not that I ( as well as so many others ), should have been part of that crowd. Instead, I received nothing but “Website is over capacity” error messages from “TicketLeap” and it remained like that for hours.

Finally, it let me through and I chose my 4-day pass and entered all of my information (including payment information) and made it as far as the screen to confirm the information and ……….website is over capacity. Going back to try it again, it claimed it couldn’t complete the process because 4-day tickets were no longer available (sold out).

So much for you having “15 minutes” from the time you add them to your cart. You would think that means you have a guaranteed ticket in your cart (for 15 minutes)..kind of like how TicketMaster works, and the server would prioritize you in it’s load since you have an active sale. Nope….even though you have gotten your cart filled, your no one special.

So after many screens of over capacity warnings, I finally got back to the start and the day by day passes were still there. I chose Thurs, Fri and Sat (no point in adding Sunday since I’m already being forced to spend more than I was with the 4-day passes). I once again made it far into the checkout process and……oh look…….over capacity warning. Going back to try and submit it again…..error… no longer available. Both Fri and Sat was sold out. Of course, the moment of time spent in shock sitting there wondering “wow…did that really happen”….the remaining tickets sell out and *poof*….another year without the con.

Now I feel not only have they gone out of their way to really wreck this convention into the mess that it is and make it very difficult on you from registration to the end of the event, but they have to kick you where it hurts a few times and leave you on the side of the street with nothing.

I used to go every year, and when I was a real young boy, I remember the El Cortez. Now however I have missed last year and this year. Meanwhile, they keep piling more and more people into that building without expanding (preferred) or moving to a larger location, they continue to raise the price, and they use what’s obviously the lowest bidder for ticket sales/registration partners (i.e., TicketLeap)…even though we pay so much. It’s no longer about the fans, its only about the money.

I don’t think I have ever been so disappointed in something. A long-time tradition officially squashed.

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Animevortex – Now recruiting great forum community members!

by on Oct.10, 2009, under Animevortex

Hey Everyone!

Let’s bring the forums back to life! We need more people who are interested in posting and socializing. For those who might have noticed, there has been a new section for Xbox Live players to share their clan information and general talk. Let it be Halo 3, ODST or Call of Duty, you can share your stories, comments and other general information.

We really do need to raise activity in there though. We can’t do that without other users who are willing to participate (so we need “your help” ^_^). I would say the channel would be more important but unfortunately IRC channels are starting to become yesterday’s news…so the forums are more of a point of interest.

If the forums were to replace the channel and what it used to be, various sections of will be upgraded to provide further media, function and all sorts of good stuff. None of that can be possible though without great trends in traffic.

SO, visit and sign up today! You can’t miss the link (upper right corner) or click on it in the menu. If you are already registered….start posting 🙂

Lets all help make Animevortex as popular as it once was (before the fall of IRC channels).


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