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Las Vegas Mobsquad One Million views on “I’m a Cow Song” YouTube video

by on Oct.27, 2015, under Youtube Videos

A few days ago, The Las Vegas Mobsquad celebrated one million views on their “I’m a Cow Song” video on YouTube. A video that was created a few years ago for a young sibling (based on an ideas from that sibling) has officially reached “holly crap” status!

Help LVMS (aka LVMobsquad aka Las Vegas Mobsquad aka super fun guys to hang out with that will change your life forever because they are just…..that great of guys) celebrate by (continue reading…)

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Las Vegas Mobsquad Celebrates 400,000 views for their I’m a Cow Song Video

by on Jun.07, 2014, under Youtube Videos

Once again, the Las Vegas Mobsquad surprises everyone with what is considered (to-date) their most random twist in releases. When the I’m a Cow Song released, it took a completely different direction in terms of the media that was being produced as they had never dabbled in animation. As a request by one of the member’s younger siblings, the video was created and quickly became one of the most watched videos released by them.

This week, that video breached 400,000 views. That may not seem like a lot for some, but for some, it becomes a milestone.

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“I’m a Cow Song” Spreads Further as Las Vegas Mobsquad Celebrates Some More

by on Nov.15, 2013, under Youtube Videos

AlbumArtHonestly, I just needed something to talk about as I noticed I haven’t posted anything in over a month 🙂 I’ve been quite pretty busy in life, so I’ve been non-existant. Here is a post to make up for it!

The Las Vegas Mobsquad is celebrating their “I’m a Cow Song” video reaching over 200,000 views on Youtube. In fact, at the moment it has over 230,000 views. They posted on Facebook that within the last 30 days, viewers have spent of 21 thousands minutes watching it combined. Hopefully their iTunes sales are doing just as well since it helps pay for a younger sibling’s college fund.

Congratulations, LVMobsquad.



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Las Vegas Mobsquad Continues to Celebrate As The Original I’m A Cow Song” Spreads

by on Jul.11, 2013, under Youtube Videos

AlbumArtWhen the Las Vegas Mobsquad originally posted the I’m a Cow Song animation on YouTube, switching it up from live comedy skits to animation for the first time, they never expected the video to take off and become one of their their most popular projects. What started as an idea inspired by a younger sister of one of the members, eventually turned into a series of animations that have spread like a virus. First it received a few hundred views and sat still before it started growing our of nowhere. It broke past 10k views, then 25k, then 50…100…..and now over 130,000 views later it is still being shared by cow lover across the world.

That influenced them to product a number of videos in the series to help supply the demand.

See what started it all with just a simple animation:


Available on iTunes, the proceeds help go towards the small sister’s (the one who inspired them to do it) future college fund. Pretty nice deal for simply giving them an idea.

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