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Wallpapers for iPhone and iPod (non-anime)

by on Jun.13, 2013, under General

Here is the second collection of wallpapers for both iPhones and iPods. Most will support up to iPhone 5 however we are sure when the new iphone(s) come out, they will allow you to stretch it a little is need be (if the resolution gets better). As new iphones come out, we will try to find more great wallpapers for you.

You can also find these here in the main gallery.
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Anime Wallpapers for iPhone and iPod

by on Jun.13, 2013, under General

We have finally added a collection of iPhone wallpapers (for both iPhone and iPod) to the main animevortex gallery and have posted them here as well. I will make a separate post for the non-anime collection.

Also available in the main AV gallery here.
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Windows Phone 7…….sucks?

by on May.17, 2010, under General

Is it just me or does it seem like it’s going to suck? Microsoft doesn’t even know what it will or will not support. They say “it won’t support multitasking”…then “Windows 7 to support multitasking”, “Windows 7 won’t allow apps”, “well…..sortof….ok maybe it will”. Really?

It sounds like MS is simply trying to create a locked down version of Windows Mobile so that it pisses users off the same as the iphone. Well…that’s one way of looking at competition against Apple.

Windows phones have always been popular for being open, file friendly, and fully customizable. Yes a nice UI is cool looking, but will Windows Phone 7 still perform like a miniature laptop in your pocket? If not, I know I won’t be using it when it comes out. I use mine Windows 6.5 phone for both play and business. The things I use it for when it comes to business…no other phone seems to be able to accomplish.

If it turns out that the new Windows Phone 7 OS turns into a new iPhone wannabe, I will be converting over to Android. At least it is still open (for the most part) and pretty much becomes plan B. Not to mention, more developers choose to write apps for iPhone and Android before even remembering that Windows phones exist.

That Android Incredible is starting to look pretty nice :/

What do you think? Are you for or against a more locked down/limited Windows phone? Or are you hoping for a more versatile version of whats already there?

UPDATE: 01/18/2011

Hey everyone! I wanted to offer a quick update. I have spent a great deal of time messing with Windows Phone 7 and have realized it’s really not that bad. It’s a bit of an adjustment and they are indeed focusing on the general public vs the business community…but the interface is fluid, fast and filled with fun things to poke away at. The amount of apps for the phone is growing through the roof (finally a Windows Phone with a great selection of apps).

Personally I do not own one yet, but after playing with the phone in the stores, CES, etc…I have learned a lot. After keeping an eye on things online, you can see people are finding new ways to unlock, modify and/or improve the phone through various ways. As long as MS adds a little more support for the business community on top of the wonderful entertainment it currently has to offer….I might be willing to look at my options for an upgrade.

We need more phones with full qwerty keyboards though. More of an HTC selection would be nice as well but for now, the Samsung Focus takes the cake on what’s available. The screen is large, and so far has the best quality screen among them all. Second best would have to be the HTC Surround. I would like to say the HTC HD7 takes the cake there but it’s screen is quite dull compared to these other two models.

The OS is by far the best thing MS has ever done in the Mobile Market. Like Windows 7 is to the PC world, WP7 is to the mobile. Congratulations MS, and keep your promise with the painless OS updates and future features.

UPDATE: 03/23/2011:

My new review can be found here:

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