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Production giant MGM laying off its production crew and outsourcing

by on Feb.06, 2016, under General

Paul McCartney - Boycott

Ok, we may not be talking about the Hollywood side of things, but something that rests within the umbrella of their brand. The MGM Grand (Hotel and Casino) in Las Vegas, in an effort to “save a small bit of cash”, has made the decision to lay off their entire production crew (and then some) and outsource them to a third party “labor company”. This decision affects hundreds of positions, ranging from stagehands, technicians, engineers and more (even the ushers that help find you seats). MGM has been recognized in the past for having one of the “number one in-house production teams in the nation” (specifically mentioned: MGM Grand Garden Arena), mentioned everyone from trade magazines to words pouring from the mouths of their clients themselves.

The new change will be official as of February 12th, 2016 and all employees have been offered the chance to apply for the third party labor company, which sadly is well known for paying around 1/3rd less than what most of them have been used to earning for many, many years. There is nothing like making magic and coming a long ways, just to a take a giant step backwards in the end. My condolences go out to all of the employees of MGM Grand that are affected by all of this. This truly is another dark time for the crushing of educated/successful jobs by large corporations. One more step towards the destruction of the middle class.

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Las Vegas Mobsquad One Million views on “I’m a Cow Song” YouTube video

by on Oct.27, 2015, under Youtube Videos

A few days ago, The Las Vegas Mobsquad celebrated one million views on their “I’m a Cow Song” video on YouTube. A video that was created a few years ago for a young sibling (based on an ideas from that sibling) has officially reached “holly crap” status!

Help LVMS (aka LVMobsquad aka Las Vegas Mobsquad aka super fun guys to hang out with that will change your life forever because they are just…..that great of guys) celebrate by (continue reading…)

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Japanese Kit Kats (and bakeable too)

by on Oct.01, 2014, under General



Yum! So I ran into this small shop in town called “Japan Creek Market” down the street from the gym and decided to go in. Glad I did as they have a ton of sugary goods from Japan all over the shelves. From drinks, snacks, sweets, cookables and Saki…they have quite the selection, including these. A friend of mine recently traveled to Japan and took pictures of all sorts of odd Kit Kat flavors, immediately drawing my attention. I figured I would have to wait till I can travel to Japan before witnessing some of them myself, but I guess I was wrong. They are a bit expensive at $7 a bag, but tons less than having to fly over the Pacific Ocean to get to them.

Now I just have to translate the back of the bakeable one (left) so that I can figure out how long they need to be baked at what temperature.



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Say NO to Question 2 in Las Vegas 2012 Election

by on Nov.05, 2012, under General

Sorry guys but I have to get a little political on this one.

I am so sick and tired of listening to the “Say yes to question 2” commercials. SAY NO! Screw that! Why should we as tax payers have to pay additional property tax (regardless of the amount) to help add extra funds to the school system when they are just going to blow that away on upper administration bonuses like they do everything else. Vegas DOES need to improve the school system but if they want more money, maybe they should try holding a yard sale at one of their fancy admin buildings and then stop wasting it on the board members and other upper administrative staff. Also don’t compete to see who can spend the most to create an artsy school building over the other. Build a basic building and spend the money on what goes INSIDE of the school instead (and on the teachers). Vegas, don’t let the BS ads on the radio trick you by using the typical “don’t you care about your kids” messages. Think outside of the box. Think SMART!


Also for those who hear those ads about people like Romney looking to destroy the educational system and “don’t you want your kids to go to college…don’t you care”. Really? It’s not “destroy”…its “fix” back to normal. Remember…higher education is a privilege you have to earn. It is NOT a free ride. The more you don’t understand that…the more “no child left behind” becomes popular…the less weight a college degree will ever have. Eventually it will be nothing more than another piece of paper that will end up in the trash because no employer will care. Why? Because EVERYONE has them..yet only a few of them know how to tie their own shoes. Parents, raise your kids right! That’s your job…not the tax payers, to hold their hand.

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CES 2011, Day two…I was there, I survived proudly

by on Jan.08, 2011, under Games, General

Well, at CES there was a lot to see. A lot of great people to meet, a lot of great tech to drool over, and a lot of great information learned. I demoed the MS Xbox Kinect and got TKO’s in boxing by a Google employee heh. It was funny to see a Google employee having so much fun with a competitors product.

Out of the entire day, there wasn’t a person I regret talking to outside of the man showing off the Sony 3d camcorder. His words were kind of rude and insulting…I didn’t care much for that. I had asked him a reasonable question and he responded like I was an idiot. Now if the question was an idiot question…I would take full credit for it, but all I asked was what the highest resolution it shot in. He was a little sarcastic to that point but at that point he got a little aggravated and explained it shot in HD. Ok….there are various levels of “HD”….back down buddy…take a breather.

Anyways, the 3d TV’s look nicer (the LEDs at least). Very little to no flicker at all (LG was good), and clear as day with light glasses that didn’t bother you while on the face. Personally though I will still wait till it looks that nice or better WITHOUT having to wear glasses. Regardless….it was nice.

Viewsonic has a few nice monitors. Their latest series are LED but 2ms response time (2x the 1ms response time of their past LCD version). Made me want to snag one though….27″s of ……mmmmmm.

Hercules has a nice DJ/mixer usb combo that fell into a somewhat decent price, Triton/MadKatz had a nice 5.1 pair of Triton headphones for the Xbox/PS3, Skype’s on all the major TV’s and the AR Drones are back as usual. Audi has some nice cars to show off, pioneer has a new deck for the car coming out (Navi series) that looks fun, Sony has one hell of a widescreen 3d display for everyone to enjoy.

Did I mention the Kinect was fun?

Well that sums up a lot I think. I’d go deeper into detail and cover all sorts of things with images but this isn’t really a tech news blog. Go to CES!! It’s well worth it.


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BBG TV – Pilot Ep – Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas

by on Apr.12, 2009, under Youtube Videos

BBG TV is a series of online shorts involving “The BBG” as he travels around interrogating the general public. He could be asking questions or he could be giving answers. Each episode is something new, and aims for laughs! We hope you enjoy and please help by telling your friends or favorite forums!! This episode’s topic is “2008 Presidential Debate”!

This was the original pilot of the BBG TV series! Filmed at The Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas. Sadly though the noise was overwhelming and we didn’t bring the right gear so…oops….the audio didn’t turn out so well. It was still a blast to shoot and BBG got to meet a lot of fascinating people…

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