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Newsgroup/Usenet company with the highest retention and lowest price

by on Apr.28, 2015, under General


There are many companies out there for your anime usenet downloading needs (or…whatever else it is that you like to download). I have used many over the years, both here in the US and areas around Europe. Of all of them, the one I like most (and always brag about) is Newshosting. There are many things you have to look for like retention (the amount of days their servers can go back to find a post/file), the speeds they support and how much do you have to pay?

Newshosting no only has one of the fastest backbones (meaning your only speed limitation is your own connection), but they currently have a retention of over (continue reading…)

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Newsgroups Provider Newshosting Upgrades Their Retention to 1750 Days (and growing)

by on Jul.09, 2013, under Reviews

newsgroups6451561156I am always writing my many reviews for various services around the internet, and this one never gets old. I have mentioned them (Newshosting) many times in the past (including one of the most popular posts on this website: “How to use Newsgroups for Downloading Anime (for Beginners)“) as being one of the very BEST newsgroup services to use (without a doubt). They are the fastest, they are the most reliable, most affordable (especially for what you get) and of course they have one of the highest retention windows in the market (now towering in at 1750 days and growing!).

That means it retains post records for 1750+ days compared to the competition which still on average offers about a year…maybe two. So if you run across a post that you just really have to read or download, and it was posted over 4 years ago…it can still be yours. No more of having to set a year limit in your newsgroup reader for searching for posts. Newshosting has offered far more retention for a number of years now and it just keeps growing. Who knows what it will be by next year. Newhosting’s resources are massive and they don’t shed a single tear at sharing it with you.

So if you enjoy newsgroups, and enjoy not having a limitation to what you can find…and say…you want all the anime your heart could ever desire (or pictures, news, art, open source applications and whatever other media exists out there)…choose Newshosting. I myself have been using them for years and you won’t find me with anyone else! A big thanks to them! Keep it up!

…I got a little hyper in my thoughts there out of excitement but well worth it as I already have a post for the day 😀

NH *Specials 300×250 A

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Newsgroup Special – Win a Year of Free Service

by on Dec.14, 2012, under Reviews

Previously I wrote an article about how to effectively download just about any and all anime, to your hearts desire. In that article I spoke about Newshosting as well as a few other services that you can use to access the newsgroups with (with the greatest speeds and reliability).

I wanted to highlight them over the others at the moment since Newshosting is running a contest where you can win a year of free hosting. Just click on the yellow banner near the top and give it a try!


Good luck!

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by on Jun.14, 2011, under Reviews

Under Review: Newshosting

We have used multiple providers in the past, testing both connection and stability and Newshosting has to be one of the best we have seen thus far.

From what we have seen, Newshosting (so far) has had a 0% downtime. Now when I say we put that to the test…I mean we REALLY put that to the test. Since most newsgroup applications record and save their queue information, this really isn’t much of a deal, but for some…it is. It also says a lot about a company’s reputation and pro-activeness to thwart network problems.

One of the biggest selling points of Newshosting, is that they have a retention period that is more than 1000 days!!! That’s not months..that’s YEARS until posts vanish from their servers. Just imagine how much information if just waiting for you. We have used companies in the past that had 60-150 day retentions. You get bored of those companies because you find that you miss out on a lot of stuff. Newshosting eliminates that problem completely.

Next we tested connections. They claim to allow 30-60 connections all at once from your PC. That’s a lot of connections, but is it true? Well, we wound up locking up 3 different machines because we opened all connections at once, and the connection was so strong…it flooded our network/ports and put the PC’s into a total panic. We even had to restart the router because for some reason…it got confused from it and Wifi was totally knocked down. Awesome!

Speed….now there’s an important factor! Tons of retention and enough connections to choke your computer to death…but does it happen quickly? The answer…yes. We tested from 2 different networks. One pulled an average of about 30mbits/s (3.5+MBytes/s), the other a whopping 50mbits/s (6.2MBytes/s). We wanted to go even higher than that but we didn’t have access to a faster ISP connection. This is more than enough to show a result though since I’ve had hard drives transfer information from one to another at a speed slower than that. Got a faster connection to test it with? Sign up with their trial and give it a try. Let us know what your results are and we will post them!

Other benefits? For the most part, pretty much all of their accounts offer unlimited downloads. They have an account where the monthly download is limited to a large number of gigabytes, but to switch up to the unlimited one is such a small difference in price that you might as well go all the way. They also offer encrypted connections which is cool and all of their accounts come with a free trial.

The conclusion: I’m impressed, we’re all impressed and you will be too! Especially if you LOVE to access everything your mind can absorb (and or your hard drives…whichever gives in first). Newshosting has to be the best Newsgroup provider we have ever experienced, and we back it 100% 🙂

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How to download anything (like anime) using Newsgroups/Usenet (tutorial for beginners)

by on Feb.26, 2011, under Animevortex, General, Tutorials


Author: TheSa|nt from and Grauw from abma (

Even if just a $1, If you find my tutorial helpful, please:

Being an anime-related domain, this site (naturally) gets a LOT of requests on how to find/download fansubs via newsgroups. Also, anime will be the key example in this tutorial due to the legality of other topics. You can replace “anime” in this tutorial with whatever you like (movies, music, etc), but that is your own preference and decision.

Recently I posted on a very quick-tutorial on how to use easynews for newsgroups. However, there are other ways to more thoroughly explore newsgroups via desktop-based applications. A long time ago, Grauw developed a wonderful tutorial on how to do this, but through time a lot of it become outdated. So I have gone through and created a new version of the tutorial to better cover today’s practices, features and additional facts. This will act as the advanced guide on how to dive into the deep end and get crazy with it!

Even though I tried to summarize this as much as possible, the tutorial is still a bit lengthy and might be intimidating when looking at it but trust me when I say “it’s easy!”. It just has to be put into enough words to help even those who have been living under a rock 😉 — Now after reading this, if you are still missing anything, it should be easy to pick it up on your own through messing around. If I went over every possible detail on the usage of newsgroups, this tutorial would literally go on forever.

(continue reading…)

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