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Black Friday – Best time to get a Samsung 1080 or 4K – Check out these prices – Great for anime :D

by on Nov.23, 2014, under General, Movies/TV

Anime in 4K with Samsung



Awesome? I am thinking awesome! Samsung is running a super sale on their 1080 and 4K TVs for Black Friday and you can take part in it now before they are all sold. You can either pre-order it now, and then it ships on or near Black Friday, or you can simply wait till Black Friday and buy it on that day (either way, you get the sale price). Some of the prices are superb, especially for Samsung when it comes to 4k (which is usually much more expensive). Kind of exciting because that means they plan for a large 4K push making next year a prime time for cable providers and other sources to start offering 4K resolution content on their networks. At the moment you have Netflix, Youtube and Directv (with Comcast starting something next year).

Click here for more information on the Samsung sale with links, prices and all.

Or…there is always a slightly more cheaper price option of choosing Vizio (here). I think the actual prices are even less than what is listed here, but it provides all the links at least to get you pointed in the right direction.

Of course you can whip out a little more (just $3k or something) and get an 80-inch uber-tv from Vizio…it would look great in your bathroom I’m sure……

Awesome prices! All of which would look great for watching anime on. My buddy has a Samsung 4K and he posted a few pics of it with anime on-screen. That was the clearest anime I had ever seen. Looked like a perfect poster on the wall….giving me the urge to buy one even more now. 4K!!


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Banned Postbank Commercial (Awesome)

by on Mar.25, 2014, under Youtube Videos

So I was browsing the many videos of the LVMobsquad and came across a commercial that was apparently banned some time ago on TV. The reasons for it getting banned are a mystery, but chances are it didn’t live up to the shockvalues that society was ready for at the time (someone somewhere might have slapped the ban hammer down as they thought it could “influence” people to do something similar if the opportunity arises). Who knows…..

Here it is:

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Vizio 80-inch 3D Smart LED TV Equals Awesome

by on Dec.05, 2013, under Reviews

This year Vizio launched an affordable 80 inch TV which it would be disrespectful to refer to as anything less than amazing. EIGHTY INCHES of screen packed with all of the features everyone is looking for. 3D support, 240Hz, smart apps and internet….EIGHTY INCHES!!

Now, this would mean nothing if the image quality was meh, but it’s not. The quality is superb and I hope to own one myself as soon as possible. Brightness is very customizable, image is sharp and clear (ESPECIALLY if you are watching a blu-ray), motion is smooth with zero drag and Avengers is worth watching over and over on it because it feels like it’s filmed live on the news or you are right there.

Best of all is that you can buy the TV for less than $4k. With how big it is and all the features it supports, you would think that it wouldn’t come anywhere near that price but they did…oh they did.

Move on over projectors as Vizio has just taken away your business! …unless of course you want an even bigger screen………then you may want a projector

I just thought this was worth bragging about as the TV is super big and super cool and I am sure they are selling off the shelves, especially now that Christmas is here.

It’s fracking HUGE!

You can find additional info, specs and what not here!

If you are nice, you could buy me one 🙂



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Canadian Cable Providers Charging by the Channel?

by on Nov.08, 2011, under General

So apparently cable TV providers in Canada are offering packages where you can pay for only the channels you want to watch. Something that was required by Canada’s government.

This is something I have been asking about for years, wondering why we couldn’t pick our own channels. Why do we have to pay for a bunch of channels we are never going to watch. For example, why the heck am I paying for the Lifetime channel to be included in my lineup?

Now why can’t the providers in the US do that? I pay an arm and about 3 legs worth for basic extended cable. No digital packages, no DVR, no movie channels, no on-demand, no cable boxes…..just 70 something channels (or whatever) sent directly to my TVs. I watch about 12-14 of those channels at most, and I pay $57.99 (plus taxes) for this mediocre luxury?

I motion that we all get together and write, email or call (or all of the above) our service providers in the US to push them to offer these services here. Threaten to unsubscribe from services (especially if you’re not using them). Heck, write to your local government heads and share the information with them to see if you can get them on board. These companies have way too much power in forcing us to pay for things we are barely touching.

The more we bug them…the more commotion we can create, the greater pressure we can apply to them to offer the same. Right now, the few of us that call and ask…they claim it’s impossible.

THANK YOU Canada for proving that it is *not* impossible. If my provider can control whether or not I get Stars, HBO and all of those other upper channels….they can control whether or not I get the lower ones just the same.

Remember, nothing will ever be done unless we work together! 🙂

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