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Updates coming to the Win 8 Themed AV Startpage

by on Jul.13, 2013, under Animevortex

WP_20130713_001[1]For those of you that use the startpage in which we created for everyone (a unique page to replace their browser’s startpage or “new tab” page…more details below), there is an update coming that you probably have already seen begin.

We have already moved a few links around based on popularity or recommendations and now we are adding a whole new section. We have received some requests to bring in more of a presence for gaming. So you may have noticed there are 4 scenes instead of 3 on the page; one of which very well states “coming soon”.

This will be dedicated to both console and online video games. For the online games we will try to focus on the free games and will attempt to update shortcuts based on popularity so that no unpopular game is wasting space 🙂

You can get to the startpage by the following link:


What is the startpage? The startpage was created by us to offer users a fun and unique approach to setting their startpage or “new tab” page in their browser. It is themed after Windows 8/Phone/Xbox’s metro style theme. It works with your mouse for both scrolling and clicking (arrow icons), as well as your keyboard as you can use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to switch scenes, each scene with it’s own group of shortcuts. Now with 4 categories (scenes) it offers the main scene, Games, Social and News/Fun.

Other updates you will have noticed is the background has been switched to an image vs a solid color (used to be purple) and we will look at future options for that as well…maybe a rotation feature depending on load times.

Also, Google search box now sends all search queries via Google Encrypted Search (better for local privacy when it comes to your online search activity). If you chose a different search provider, that obviously no longer applies.

What is Google Encrypted Search? That comes down to all of the recent complaints about internet privacy and how the search engines track everything you do and provide that information to the websites you click on through referrer information as well as analytic data (data farming) for the displayed advertisements. With Google Encrypted, it isn’t a perfect solution thanks to Google’s own actions behind it but basically if the website you click in the results uses HTTP, it will have no idea where you’re coming from or what your search query is. If it uses HTTPS, it will receive referrer information normally. So it prevents half of the shared data to the world about your search activities…the other half however will still see it. Is this addition to the page a big one?….not really. It’s just something extra to have on there.

Answers (Q&A): 

“Why is it you chose Google for the search box vs the others engines”: Google is only set by default due to popularity (more users use it over the others). You can actually click on the little magnifying glass icon and it will give you a selection of Google, Yahoo, Bing and even Wikipedia. So the control is actually in your own hands 😀

…I guess that covers the questions that have came in heh.

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Ohio State University Marching Band Performs and Marches to Video Game Themes

by on Oct.08, 2012, under Games

This is actually pretty impressive. The entire marching band for Ohio State University performs a number of classic and current video game themes while marching out various designs and keeping excellent control of their synchronization.

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Video Game Rant: Startup Logos With No Skip Feature

by on Oct.08, 2012, under Games

I had to point out how bothering it is when you buy a new Xbox game (or any other console) and the first thing you are greeted with are logos with no option to skip. Not just one or two but sometimes five or six. Now, that is fine if it’s the very first time you have loaded up the game, but they should cache onto the drive that you have loaded it for the first time already so that next time it gives you an option to skip. When I have to sit through what seems like five minutes of logos with no option to bypass, every single time I want to play a game….it gets old fast.

Yes, I get it…this person and that person and this person and that person and this person and that person all had a hand in making the game. That’s great! However, I don’t care anymore…I just want to play the game, and them move on with my life.

It’s bad enough we are dishing out so much money anymore these days for a friggin video game, but then to be force fed advertisements every single time we want to play it, it’s just not right. If you buy an app for your phone vs the trial or ad-supported free version, there is no ads because you paid for the app. If something is legally owned by you, you should ALWAYS have an option of not having to deal with ads. Same thing goes for DVD and Blu-Ray movies that do not allow you to skip the previews (or at least make it obvious on what button to hit for unknowledgeable users).

So a message to all those developers out there. QUIT force-feeding us advertisements and logos within the things we spent our hard-earned money for!


Feedback: What games have you found to be bothering due to lengthy logo introductions?

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Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360 is Great

by on Jan.19, 2011, under Games

I got the Kinect in the mail today and hooked the lil guy up to the Xbox. It is actually pretty fun. I played a little of it at CES and got a kick out of it. Did some boxing with a Google exec, hot my rear handed to me and walked away saying….I need to get this.

So for all of you gamers out there with an Xbox, and/or those of you that love to watch Netflix, Zune etc on your Xbox….Go out and buy the Kinect for it! You won’t be disappointed, and there are a lot of nice games coming out. It comes with Kinect Adventures, but you should also grab a copy of Kinect Sports. That game is great with friends.

Well! That’s my review and thought of the moment. Enjoy 🙂

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Video Games Cause Mean Case of the Munchies (Study)

by on Apr.27, 2010, under Games, General

I have always noticed that video games give me a major cause of the munchies. So I wondered, is it playing video games, or something else that causes it. Is it that fact that I am so drawn into something, that I don’t to watch how much of anything else I am doing as long as my mind is at peace. Maybe my hands are so busy that during times of having to wait (i.e., lobby waiting for the next round of online play), they don’t want to stop so they reach for snacks while I wait.

SO! I spent some time and asked a large group of random people playing online about their snacking habits. A total of 62 people to be exact (to make the sample large enough to count for something).

My selection was random and unbiased, and I asked each one the same questions. At the conclusion of things, I had the following information:

  • 21 out of 62 people said they prefer to have something to snack on while watching a movie.
  • 2 out of the 21 said that during a movie, if they ran out…they might get back up to get something more.
  • 1 out of 62 people said they almost always snack when watching general TV.
  • 0 out of 1 said that while watching TV, if they ran out…they might get back up to get something more.
  • 46 out of 62 people said that they prefer to have something to snack on while watching their favorite sport on TV (or live).
  • 29 out of the 46 said that while watching the sport, if they ran out…they might get back up to get something more (2 of which said only if the game was live).

Ok, well we see that Sports take the prize so far when it comes to snacking, so lets take a look at Video Games. A few extra questions were asked in this category to get the best idea.

  • 58 out of 62 people said they prefer to have something to snack on while playing video games.
  • 19 out of the 58 said they will (usually) only do it while playing online with other people, or have friends present.
  • 41 out of the 58 people said they would probably get up for more if they ran out.
  • 7 out of the 58 said they simply just do it. That they don’t really put much thought into it (as if it was a natural reflex).

Is it activities of high interaction that cause people to want to snack? This would explain why sports and video games have such a high rate of occurrences.

Regardless, this study proves that video games do indeed cause a mean case of the munchies! That’s 93.5% of the people admitting that video games cause them to want to get up to grab a snack.

So watch out when playing games (especially online with other people). Too much of this…may lead to obesity, or cause you to go mad if you run out of things to eat 🙂


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