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New LV Mobsquad Video!: LV Mobsquad – All The Other Kids (Parody)(Censored)

by on Nov.14, 2011, under Youtube Videos

The Las Vegas Mobsquad has finally released their latest official video. It’s a music video this time! Joy!!

This is a parody music video based on the song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People ( from this cd: ). This parody is written, recorded, produced, directed, acted (etc) by the LV Mobsquad. It is directed towards “those punk kids” (basically it addresses the bully issue plaguing schools these days).

What’s cool is that parts of this music video were shot using a Windows Phone 7 (Mango) device. The rest with a Professional HD 1080P AVCHD Camera with professional lens, mics and accessories. They are asking if viewers can guess which scenes where shot with the WP7 phone/device? (comment on the youtube page, here, wherever).

LV Mobsquad is mainly focused on bringing the viewers comedy in their productions. This is why some shots are tongue and cheek goofy or odd. Beyond that it got a little serious, so this will be their first semi-serious production……while still keeping the “strange”.

Comments? Suggestions? Mind Blowing Hateful Complaints? Feel free to share. We love to read them and respond where needed.

If you can, try to share it with your friends. They are looking to spread their name around a little more to help justify some really big upcoming productions 😉

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Anime Wallpapers for Windows Phone 8 (WP8)

by on Sep.09, 2011, under General

We have decided to release the collection of non-transparent anime wallpapers for WP8 (Windows Phone 8) phones in a gallery of it’s own, as well as a download link for a zip of the entire collection. You can browse the wallpapers in the gallery below or click on the following link to download the entire collection (zip) at once. Enjoy! (continue reading…)

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Conan (2011) Wallpapers for Windows Phone 8 (WP8)

by on Sep.09, 2011, under General

We have released some free wallpapers for Windows Phone 8 themed around the latest Conan movie (2011). You can find them individually in the gallery below (gallery supports WP7, WP8) or the entire collection via the following link. Enjoy! (continue reading…)

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Free Transparent Wallpapers for Windows Phone 7 (WP7)

by on Apr.19, 2011, under General

Here is a collection of free transparent wallpapers for the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) lock screen. This gallery will be updated as new images become available.

Instructions: To set one as your wallpaper you must click on a thumbnail to view an image, save the image to your PC. Send your an email from your PC to your cellphone with the image attached. Once the email/attachment has been loaded, click to open the attachment. Touch and hold the screen until the menu pops up. Set as your wallpaper and your ready to go!

Note: Won’t see transparency apparently if you use a password on your lock screen. Only for regular slide to unlock. Also, Mango does not support transparent wallpapers so if you upgrade, you will lose this feature (least of your worries though…).

Wallpapers brought to you by


(continue reading…)

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My Updated Windows Phone 7 Review

by on Mar.23, 2011, under General, Reviews

Well I went ahead and bit the bullet and bought a Windows Phone 7….phone. It’s the HTC Surround from AT&T, and I have to admit I am impressed. I have my disappointments but I also understand that Windows Phone 7 isn’t for an extreme techy who likes to treat their phone as more than just a phone/media device.

I like the OS for it’s speed, it’s ability to really take a load while showing little to no lag what’s so ever and it’s deep advantages in multimedia. The is very reliable and so far hasn’t crashed on me. Only certain apps have done something weird here and there (ie Marketplace) but it didn’t effect the OS. It feels very stable, extremely speedy and user friendly.

The user-interface also feels (visually) very happy (unlike the iPhone). Oh, and the GPS (at least on the HTC Surround) is VERY accurate. I was in the dead center of a casino with a giant tower of hotel rooms right above my head and it picked up my exact location. I didn’t have to stand outside and hope it’s not too cloudy or anything. That was great.

Another “VERY” nice advantage of the WP7 phones is that the Xbox integration is really cool. The games on WP7 are finally up to par and quite entertaining.

For normal people looking for a Windows Phone 7, I would recommend it. If you don’t heavily use your phone for business or tcp/ip/port related tasks. If you need a phone that’s a phone yet everything multi-media in one….it’s wonderful.

The disadvantages? Well I am the techy that likes to use and abuse his phone in as many ways as possible. So features I wish it had:

  • File Explorer: I enjoy using my phone as a thumb drive to store common files that I need. They could at least reserve a small space that is separate from everything else on the phone so that you can do this.
  • Remote desktop applications: There are none…WP7 is locked down tight for TCP/IP/Port related tasks so no remote desktop apps (i.e., VNC). There are other apps/services like Skype that cannot be ported over to WP7 at the moment for these same reasons. This really does cripple WP7 from making use of some nice/advanced apps that business users and techies demand for their daily activities.
  • No custom ringtones….wtf Microsoft lol….how can you drop the ball on one of the most common features found in cellphones dating back to…a long time.
  • Voice command no longer covers the media on the phone. Windows Mobile 6.x allowed you to play music by using voice command to pick an artist, track, genre, etc….WP7?…nope. You can dial numbers, open “certain” apps and search with bing via voice command but nothing for music. That sucks when you have a TON of music like I do and don’t want to fiddle around with the menus while using it for work or driving.
  • Sync…..they took out activesync support (except for Exchange Activesync). So when you sync (using Zune now), you can only sync music, videos and podcasts. You can no longer sync your contacts, calendar, etc. Now if they could relax the TCP/IP/Port restriction a little, maybe someone can develop an app to remotely do this at least. I know I’d love to sync with Thunderbird for my contacts and calendar.
  • Office sync: Only syncs “OneNote”….what about the rest? If not via usb then at least via skydrive…common. At the moment you have to email yourself office docs and save them one by one into office.
  • Skydrive…….we should be able to do so much more with it on WP7 🙂
  • We need more full qwerty sliders on the market. AT&T only has the LG and that phone feels and looks like crap. The HTC’s slider looks really nice and has gotten great reviews…..course it’s Sprint only. I hate on-screen keyboards with a passion BUT….I have to say I have been able to compromise a little as the WP7 on-screen kb has to be the best I have ever tried to use.

The “noDo” update is coming soon for WP7 phones that adds a few things like copy/paste (which is why I didn’t add it to the list of things I don’t like). It’s already been rolled out for certain phones/networks. The downside of this update is that it doesn’t fix/add anything that I have mentioned above so …. my list of disadvantages remains the same for now.

Past that, I am beyond happy with this phone. Fastest, nicest looking phone OS I have ever used. Too many restrictions though…feels like MS’s version of the iPhone more than anything. It at least pounds that market very hard proving to be a great threat to Apple.

And that is my review!

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Xbox Lives Games are Showing up For Windows Phone 7

by on Oct.03, 2010, under Games, General

A few games are starting to pop up on Xbox Live for Windows Phone 7. Of course the phones haven’t been released yet so none of us can take advantage of them just yet.

I am just hoping that the Windows Phone 7 phones will still have a solid focus on the business and modder communities as well, who have given them their only popularity through the years thus far.  The games and special eye candy that brings it so much closer to being a competitor and crasher to/of the iPhone seem cool, but there has to be a solid foundation for business applications, remote server/desktop features, multi-tasking, file-system, etc.

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