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No excuse for the slow downloads on Xbox Live

by on Apr.23, 2015, under Games


So we have a scenario here! I have an Xbox 360, hard wired to a gigabit network running through a house, riding on a cable connection of 120+mbps (varies usually between 120 and 130). Everything else connected makes use of the full connection. The Xbox 360 takes about 1 minute+, to download 16.89KB? A file so small, it shouldn’t even be a thought (and barely a memory for the console). Yet here we are in 2015, downloading at speeds that AOL in 1999 would have laughed at. What the heck is going on Microsoft?????

I understand that networks can be stressed down, but when you have millions of fans not only paying you for the console and games but yearly on top of that just to be able to use it…you have no excuse for cutting back. Especially that badly. Microsoft needs to step up their game!

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Xbox Live Needs to Upgrade It’s Friends List

by on Feb.08, 2013, under Games

It’s great. I have said this so many times before and probably have posted it here but I was reading the Xbox official forums and ran into someone else requesting the thing once AGAIN. It’s mind boggling that Microsoft hasn’t done anything about it.

I’ve wanted more friends as you can never have enough people you like to play with. The ability to sort them in groups…I’ve brought this up so many times as well. I’d like to create a group and call it Family…so I can remember who everyone is compares to my group of friends who kind of play together like a clan….or friends for a specific website/community that like to play together. I really wish MS would get up and do something about this. They claimed they would years ago…that was one of the reasons why they nixed support for orig xbox games (the orig games didn’t support a change in the friends system which was preventing such from evolving). Come ON Microsoft!! We have all complained so much over the years. You took away support for the original games yet you didn’t give that upgrade in return your promised. Now you make it appear you only did it so that you can *RESALE* us those old games with “newly enhanced” digital download versions or total revisions. It wasn’t so you can was so you can make more money and take from us.

I don’t know how many times I have compared Xbox Live with something like an instant messenger. AOL, Yahoo, whatever…..we can have unlimited friends, grouping options and so many other features….and the service is free. Xbox live you can only have 100 friends and we have to pay every year just to be able to use it, and get no grouping features of any kind of enhancements. Instead of getting what the customers want…all we get is silence with no improvement…course we still have to keep paying.

They keep adding external stuff like TV an everything which is great but lets focus on the foundation of what Xbox Live IS. This is a GAMING SYSTEM and Xbox Live is for ONLINE play. So let’s enhance that before adding all this other crap into it that even our cellphones can already accomplish.


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Forum for Xbox Clans

by on Mar.10, 2011, under General

I wanted to point out that the forums have a category dedicated to Xbox Live. This section contains a section for clans. If you have a clan on Xbox Live, we invite you to register and let one of our admins/mods know who you are, the name of your clan and some of your moderating users. We will setup a separate sub-section dedicated to your clan with assigned mods.

This way clans could have their own site to come to and improve communication with. Organize clan activities or simply discuss day to day experiences.

Also once the main admins/mods get to know you, you might even get your own sub-domain leading your members straight to your section.

So register at and move your clan in today 🙂

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Xbox Lives Games are Showing up For Windows Phone 7

by on Oct.03, 2010, under Games, General

A few games are starting to pop up on Xbox Live for Windows Phone 7. Of course the phones haven’t been released yet so none of us can take advantage of them just yet.

I am just hoping that the Windows Phone 7 phones will still have a solid focus on the business and modder communities as well, who have given them their only popularity through the years thus far.  The games and special eye candy that brings it so much closer to being a competitor and crasher to/of the iPhone seem cool, but there has to be a solid foundation for business applications, remote server/desktop features, multi-tasking, file-system, etc.

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Xbox Live is Down Again?

by on Feb.15, 2010, under General

It looks like a lot of Xbox Live users are stuck in the dark with only the ability chat. Connection to game servers has been interrupted resulting in an error when a user attempts to connect.

What could be the cause this time?  …*ponders*

(Update): It’s back online (it was server troubles)

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Xbox Live down! (for those using the preview dashboard)

by on Aug.06, 2009, under General

At 8:15PM PST, xbox live went down officially for all users using the new dashboard (previewing it).

Talking about another big “oops” for Microsoft. Within minutes there were dozens of posts/topics about it on’s forums in regards to the outage. Based on everyone’s findings…only those using the new preview were affected (friends & neighbors using the old dashboard are/were still online playing perfectly fine.

In fact so many people accessed the xbox website, it has brought to entire site to a slow crawl (or for some people, timing out).

You go Microsoft!

– TheSa|nt

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