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The Off
icial #Animevortex Contest Page

To enter just fill in the below information and submit

( Email submits through site now ^_^ )
The drawings will be held usually at the end of the month
Your Full Name:
Your IRC User Nickname:
What State Do You Live In:
Favorite Anime Series:
Date Of Birth (mm/dd/yy):
Email Address:
Referal's nick:
If no one refered you, put "n/a"

For a list of contest rules and general information click here!

Current List Of Prizes Generally Issued Prizes
Pokemon Mini Figures
Pokemon Pencil Figures
Windows 2000 T-Shirts (Sorry only size left is one small)
Mandrake Linux For Windows 7.1
*New* RedHat Linux 7.1
PSX Games (Limited Q's-Not Copies!/Real CDs!)
Anime DVD (Quantities Limited)
Anime Posters/Wallscrolls 650-700 Megs Anime Spree (CD) 1-1.2 Gig Anime Spree (CD)
Anime MP3s (Full 1 or 2 CDs)
+ Much More

Ways to get more entries into the contests!
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