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Rules/Disclaimer :

Offer good for US residents only.You must be 13 years of age or older to claim a prize. If you are under the required age your prizes must be claimed by a legal gaurdian. Offer does not include shipping and handling. If your name is chosin, you will recieve an email confirming your win. You MUST respond to that email with your valid mailing information or we cannot mail out the prize. Within that email you will receice an address in which you will need to print out the confirmation email (the email has a specific prize number) and mail with the required postage and handling (you will recieve S&H infomation in the email). Offer is also only good to #Animevortex users. Prizes Vary including items like pokemon action figures to limited edition Windows Millenium Watches or anime CD sprees. It takes at the most 4-6 weeks to recieve your prize. Additional rules may apply. Poc Inc/Vortex Productions reserves the right to change the rules at any time and can and will do so if needed. All entries must be collected prior to the day before the actual drawing for that contest and all others beyond that date will be entered into the upcoming contest afterward. Contests are held at random. Any prize requiring S&H will only be mailed when the S&H has been received; Please allow extra time for them to be mailed out because of this. Poc Hosting/Vortex Productions are not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen mail. Pokemon or Windows is not a TM of Poc Hosting/Vortex Productions in any form or fasion. Pokemon is a trademark of Nintendo inc. And Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.

Prizes very each month/drawing. A great amount of these prizes will be VCD releases from #animevortex - Vortex Productions!. The anime released by Vortex Productions was not created origonally by Vortex Production in any way, form, or fashion; unless officaiialy told/announced otherwise. A great number of these kind of prizes will be in VCD format thus you need a VCD player (Either by computer ot by home system to watch the Cd's. It takes just a simple program like Sony VCD player or a generic VCD player application to open them up on the PC w/ a regulare Cd-Rom/Dvd-Rom, though the qualliity will not be at full if done that way. If you have a DVD player for your home entertainment system or a portable player like Panasonic's or Audiovox you will be able to view the Cd's unless your player is a Sony or Toshiba model (Please not that!). Sony and Toshiba have strict copy protection built into their models illiminating the compatibility to read burned cd's. The players we know work and have tested are Panasonic, Audiovox and most Phillips models.

Anime CD prizes other than VCD format will be made in normal CD formats such as mpg, rm, avi, viv, ect.. This will be done by usually having the chosen winner select from a list of anime and choose a cd's worth from it.



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