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- The File Server -

Now we get a bit more technical. The Omega Script File Server, is an advanced server console that allows users to enter your pc as though it was a FTP. They are allowed only to enter the folder(s) and sudirectories in which you select. (There is no way for them to sneak around that, so dont worry ^_^). The options to set up your file server are int he main menu under Main Settings, and "File Server".

Here is a break down of most of the settings:

Max Users: Max # of users that can get in at once (the higher the number, the more resources it will take up when they all start joining so its smart to keep it around 6-8 or so.

Max Gets: Max # of files that can be sent at one time.

Max Gets Each: Max # of gets one person may have. Before their requests start entering the queue list.

Max Queues: Max # of queues your queue list will have.(the queue list is like a waiting list). Its good to keep a decently high number, somthing like 20+ if you have a fast connection and stay on 24/7.

Max Queues Each: Max # of queues one person may have. Usually 2-3 to save room for other people to get into the waiting list.

File Server Chat: Allows the users (that have logged in) to communicate with each other within the file server as though it was a seperate channel.

Slot Announce: Not well taken by alot of channels, but can be usfull if it is. This option, if selected, messages the channel each time a new spot has opened on the queue list so that users have the chance to battle over it.

Enable On Start: Exactly what it says! If checked, the file server will automatically be activated each time you start the script.

Channels to Advertise Box: Just an area that you may select the channels in whch the ad will be displayed.

Delay Time: Time in between ad displays. Usually kept around 30 min (the ad will display every 30 min).

Note: Just an area to give a small discription of the file server, or what your serving, or to just leave a stupid comment. It will be displayed at the end of the file sever ad that is shown in the channel.

Enable Multi Drive: Enables the multi drive function. If selected, you only have to turn the main trigger on, an just fill out of the other info o the other drives, but just dont enable their triggers unless you want their seperate triggers to be displayed in the file server ad. When you select this feature a window will pop up where you may select which drives are enabled in multi drive. The user will be notified of this while in the file server, an when used may access the other drives from within the file server without haveing to type out multiple triggers.

DCC Send Boost: Just a area in which will display if that option is on or off. The option to disable send boost or enable it is in the General Setup window.

Enable Trigger: Enables the trigger to be displayed in the file server ad. If not enabled, but dir info is filled out for it and you select it form the multi drive pop up window (pops up when you enable the function), they can access it from within the file server.

Trigger: Whatever you want the trigger (command) to be in which the users need to type into the channel to get into your file server.

Root Directory: The dir in which you want to serve from for that trigger/drive. It will allow the users into the dir selected and the subdirectories within that dir. It WILL NOT allow the users to back out of that dir and start surfing different ones.

Welcome File:This is the message displayed when the user first enters the file server. It could be a simple "welcome to my file server" or a disclaimer, or a set of rules. Just type it out into a text file (.txt) and select that file form the setup window to be the one to be used)

Stats: Simply a stats display window showing how many users have accessed, bytes sent, files sent, files failed, and so on.


And thats the file server in a nutshell ^_^

Additional options like min cps are available in the general misc window.

To ACTIVATE the file server after everything has been setup, right click in the channel and go to "Advertisments" and "File Server" and select start. Thats one thing most newbies miss, and tend ot bug people for help, lol, so i figured id mention that!





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