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Tech FAQ's
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Updated 04.16.02

Where can I find Omega Script?
The Omega Script can be found right here! ( If you have questions about setting mIRC main options up (like user name, email, nickname, server, ect) then go to and view the FAQ’s there since there is a way too much to go over if you really want to get technical!!

How do I run Omega Script on Linux??
Omega Script runs using mIRC as a shell and mIRC does not and will not ever support linux. HOWEVER you CAN still run it on Linux an here is how (Please note you need WINE (A Windows App Emulator for Linux). (Also note, somtimes this can be buggy)
Logon as su (super user)
navigate to the location of where you installed Omega Script.

wine omegascript.exe

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How do I set the time that the ad should be shown?
As mentioned in the above answer, this option is found in the main menu under “Main Settings” and “File Server”. The option to set is called ”Delay Time”, which is calculated by minutes. So if you want

the ad to display every 30 minutes, then enter 30 as the delay time.

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In Windows XP, Text 2 Speech does not funtion. Nothig is spoken.
Unfortunatly, MS Agent (what is used for T2S) uses Speech Application Programming Interface (SAPI) 4.0, in which was removed from Windows XP an replaced with SAPI 5.0 (a newer interface that funtions on a diff level as 4.0, didthus Agent will not use it.). Do not fret though, since you can install SAPI 4.0 even though you have 5.0, cause they can both work at the same time.
How to solve the problem:
Click here and download the Text-To-Speech Engine (English)
Now, after that Click here and download the SAPI 4.0 runtime binaries.
Once you have installed both of these files in this order, Text2Speech in Omega Script should be functioing perfectly. : )

It keeps ignoring files and/or DCC chat sessions sent to me; how do I fix

Under mIRC’s options screen select DCC from the left and underneath that,
‘Folders’ which has an
option to “ignore all file type except:”. Make sure that the
file type your trying to receive is listed if this
option is checked, or just uncheck it.
If this does not work then go back to DCC and there is an option
to “Show get
info” (pop up window asking you if you want to receive it), “Auto-Accept “ (it
automatically accepts the file and begins downloading it), and “Ignore All” (does
exactly what it says,
ignores all files sent to you). Make sure “Ignore All” isn’t
checked an you should be fine. This also
goes for DCC chat screens. If you
cannot accept DCC chat sessions or any other type of DCC screen,
then check
and make sure it isn’t set to “Ignore All” under that screen.

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I set up my Fserv, but when I tried typing the trigger, nothing happened.

The file server is built to recognize !list and trigger commands form other users,
not its owner. So
if you attempt to type your own trigger, it will not respond. If
you want to test to see if your file server is
working properly, you will have to
have another user in the channel type your trigger, and see if they
get in or not. This, as just mentioned, is also applied for the !list command. If you type !list
you will
not see your own ad. You will need someone else to test that.

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I enabled/configured Text 2 Speech exactly as it said, but it is still not working.

If you had to install MS Agent and all (Step 1), try rebooting. That is the only
thing that is not mentioned.
The only other reason for it not to work, is that your operating system is Windows 2K. It has been found that somehting doesn't work (We are guessing MS Agent) with Windows 2K. If neither of these are the reason, then you didn't follow the directions correctly. Go back, dissable the tet to speech from General Setup window in Omega Script, and re-enable it an read the little pop up carefully. And remember if you have to download ans install the files from step one, you might have to reboot after words since you know how cranky windows gets after a install.

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I dissable 'Backgrounds' in the general setup window, but they wont go
away, and
the option is still checked when i go back in.

You have to rejoin the channels you are in 1 or 2 times in order for the changes
to take effect so that the
script files can refresh. Rejoin once if you dissabled them,
an twice if you enable them since it makes a few adjustments in between to avoid
errors. If this doesnt help an you are having trouble with it not letting you
the option
because it just keeps checking itself everytime you go into the general
setup window,
CLICK HERE and download the fix for that.

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I tried to setup up my ftp ad for display but when i try to apply the settings,
it errors and
doesnt work. We have noticed that this has been happening on
some mac
hines. We have identified the source of this problem and have an patch
available for you. [ Click Here ]

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I clicked on check 4 upgrade and it goes to a page that cannot be found

We are sorry about that, the main server went down thus the site has been hosted
on a back up account.
That explains the sudden appearence of pop ups. We will
make a upgrades available on this page as much as possible.

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