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Advertising on was founded in mid 2000 by TheSa|nt and this site has thousands of viewers who come around every month, and hundreds every day. Its a potential location for advertisments!

We offer 3 different ways to advertise. You can buy/subscribe to ad space by the month, 6 month periods, and 12 month periods. The 6 and 12 month periods are discounted. Better yet, the ad space is yours, and only yours! Which means for the life of the space you paid for, only your ad will ever be located there (no rotation). You also are given the decission to keep the space for another term before yours ends before anyone else has a chance to claim it.

There are 4 Ad locations that appear on each page of the site.

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Payments can be made via PayPal

1. Small - Underneath left/right menu

Monthly $10
Six Months (save $:10) $50
One Year (save $20) $100


2. Large - Bottom of Page

Monthly $20
Six Months (save $15) $100
One Year (save $30) $200

3. Large - Underneath left/right menu
Dimensions (120x240)
Monthly $20
Six Months (save $15) $100
One Year (save $30) $200


4. Large/Tower - Underneath left/right menu
Dimensions (150x600) (160x600 to be supportedin near future)
Monthly $40
Six Months (save $40) $200
One Year (save $80) $400


Advertising Disclaimers:
Please note that any inappropriate or offensive material is not allowed,and will result in an immediate cancelation of the subscription and removal of the affected ad. Any ad showing broken links or images for longer than 72 hours without proper notification of the webmaster will result in the cancelation of the subscription and removal of the affected ad. Any changes to image-based ads require approval beforehand. Cancelation of subscriptions will result in the immediate removal of the affected ad.



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