There is a link missing that should be added that would prove useful for a startpage
Sure! Use the contact us section at the bottom of the left menu on the main site (www.animevortex.net). Let us know and we will look into it.

The page isn't displaying properly for me. Things look odd, or the page doesn't slide back and forth.
If the content on the page looks misplaced, abstract or the panels don't slide left and right via your mouse or keyboard, chances are there might have been a recent update to the page. If refreshing the page doesn't help, clear out your browser's cache and that should do the trick. If it still isn't working properly use the contact us section at the bottom of the left menu on the main site (www.animevortex.net).

Can I change the search engine in the search boxes?
Yes you can. Simply click on the magnifying glass icon on the right side of any of the search boxes and a series of icons will display allowing you to choose the search engine. You can pick from Google, Yahoo, Bing or Wikipedia.

You deleted the Wikipedia link!!
Never fear. It was simply relocated to the far right panel since it was redundant as you can search Wikipedia directly from any of the search boxes. Due to popularity of the link it was still kept though which is why it simply moved.

It doesn't display properly with a specific browser.
We have made sure to support most major browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. If it doesn't display in another browser, try making sure you have the latest version of your browser and if that doesn't help then use the contact section on www.animevortex.net and let us know. We will look into it and see about addding support if needed and/or possible.

My head just shrunk to half it's size and now I have a high pitched voice!!
We are very sorry to hear that. That's not good at all! We would highly recommend seeing a doctor about your problems and probably a pyschologist as well just in case.

How do I set this as my homepage? I can't figure it out.