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     Welcome to the Animevortex Support Section. Here you will find many ways of helping out the vortex :) We appreciate you for taking your time for visiting this section. As you know, it costs a lot of money to maintain sites like these. From web hosting to all the endless hours that go into designing and maintaining everything. Every bit of help makes a difference.

     There are no limits or minimum ammounts! If you choose to donate, it's up to you, let it be $0.50, $50.00 or more. All earnings/donations are used for web hosting and enhancing what we can bring to you! This means a larger website! And once again we appreciate you for visiting this section and for your effort!

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Donate Via Paypal
We do accept donations by PayPal
This is obviously the most effective way of helping out, since cash pays the bills!
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Do you shop at Amazon frequently? Click on the following download link to snag a zip file that contains a small shortcut file that you can place on your desktop. When you need to search or order something from Amazon, get there through the link each time and your
purchase will help support Animevortex!

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Sign up with an affordable hosting account with Poc Hosting.
They will donate 50% of the proceeds from any account referred by us
to Animevortex to help with the website and services!

NEWSGROUPS! Everyone loves newsgroups for all of their media needs. Nothing better than subscribing to the BEST newsgroup company of them all! It also helps us with the bills :)

You can always search for some fun collectables, toys, models, action figures and more!

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