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Just a little reminder! None of these were done by Animevortex (accept for
"Compu-Splat" by Poc Hosting). Animevortex does not claim credit for any of these
besides mentioned! Now that thats over with, click away and enjoy!

Flash Animations
Pokeshoot - Interested in taking your anger out on those cute furballs?
Politics 2K - A nice speech by some of our favorite candadates at MTV's Rock the Fuckin Vote 2000!
Jerk Boys - Collection of Jerky Boys quotes (perfect for prank call use!
Got Rice? - An AZN Pride music video.
Batman - Batman and the magic bandaid....fear comes in many...forms
Bill Gates - Bill Gates's evil song!
Yatta Yatta - The japanese' seem to love the use of this word }: )
Mario Dies - Join the famous Mario as he fails at his task of trying to get that so hard to reach yoshi coin!
Britneys Brests - Learn about the mystery of Britney Spear's Breasts
Britney Doll - Britney Spears Dress-Up Doll. This is somthing to check out if your REALLY bored!
CompuSplat - Just an old old old promo from pocinc.net form a LONG time ago :)
Illusions - A nice selection of Optical Illusions that will really mess with your mind -_^
Perverto - I really nice episode of Perverto.....Dont ask me, its funny though!
XRay Glasses Take a trip with some nice X-Ray glasses }:)
SWars Rap - Yes thats right, the Star Wars Rap!........
..Martial Arts
This...is freakin awesome! This is the best stickman animation ever seen! Props go out to the makers of this animation!
A collection of..um....out-takes from the Thundercats
Windows RG - Thats right! The newest, and most accurate windows emulator is here! Thanks to the creaters of this one for being so accurate and not missing any errors!.......wait

Even more coming soon!




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